How to Start A Green Team

Bring people together to be the best and most responsible citizens
Do you think it is possible?

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Have you ever:

  • Been frustrated with the way people waste things?
  • Worried about what kind of world we’re leaving to our next generation?
  • Wanted to make a difference at work, at church, or anywhere?

The very best way to get started on this journey is to get a green team together. As an individual, you may work at being the best person you can be, making responsible decisions to live a greener life, but that is not enough. We need to get more folks working together to reduce our impact wherever we work or spend our time. This helps everyone – it saves money and makes everyone feel better about how they are living out their values. The truth is, everyone wants a healthy planet!

If you want to make a bigger difference helping people live a greener life, this is definitely the book for you.

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This book is unique in its approach. There are many books out there that give you tips for a greener office or home, but they don’t help you organize an effort that will have a bigger impact. This book gives you a clear path to getting everyone in the organization working together towards a greener operation.

And there’s more … Free bonus materials that come with this book will give you checklists and templates that will help you get started.

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About the Author

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A little on my background and reasons for writing this book. I have been a sustainability management professor for about a dozen years, but came to this profession in a circuitous way. I was in the Air Force for 20 years, have a Master’s degree in Organizational Behavior Management, and became a Master Quality Instructor in the Air Force (i.e., teaching Total Quality Management, which is similar to sustainability management in many ways). The Dean of the College of Business gave me the chance to help launch the new Sustainability Management program at St. Petersburg College, and this has been an exciting journey teaching the tools and techniques for green teams, and much more, ever since.

One more thing: I am a conservative. (Wait – don’t give up on me yet!) Yes, I know that’s unusual to find a conservative in a field that is largely populated by liberals, but I attack the problems of sustainability enthusiastically because, as a Deacon in my church, I believe this planet, with its people, are a gift from our Creator, and we need to be good stewards of creation.

Because I want you to be successful in your green team, you need to convince, and even recruit, people of all political persuasions. So, be prepared to expand your mind and your heart through the process outlined in this book. And, be prepared to be wildly successful in your efforts to help people and the planet.