A Reasonable Conservative’s View of the Environment: A tribute to Charles Krauthammer

By |2023-06-25T15:23:42-04:00June 25th, 2023|Common Ground, Eco-friendly Living, Featured, Greener Communities, Life Balance, News, Sustainable Innovations|

By Lynn Grinnell, PhD, LEED O+M Is it possible to talk to a conservative about c [...]

Water: Avoiding Hidden Waste and Saving a Critical Resource (while Saving $$, Too)

By |2022-03-10T21:56:21-05:00January 3rd, 2021|Eco-friendly Living, Featured, Green Business Hub, Sustainable homes, Sustainable Innovations, Sustainable Projects|

This is an excerpt from Green Projects: Balancing People, Planet, and Profit by [...]


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