About American Sustainability


merican Sustainability is all about developing pathways toward sustainability through consensus, regardless of political, environmental, or social views

We orient businesses toward eco-efficiency and lean operations through our information streams by working with professionals, alumni, bloggers, and public speakers to harness and share information tied to balancing people, planet, and profit.

We love helping individuals and our community find better, more sustainable ways to live.

We invite all who wish to help us find win-win solutions to join us in this effort.


Helping business leaders, employees, environmentalists, and community advocates become more sustainable through our business hub and lifestyle blog forum

Adding value to your bottom line through practical business tools, online advertising community, and affiliate marketing program.

Helping eco-minded and socially responsible affiliates and like-minded authors sell their products.


Cover a wide range of sustainability management tools for individuals, businesses, and communities

Provide tips, booklets, checklists, worksheets, posters, books, and other informational products.

Contribute our profits to the owners’ environmental and social causes.


American Sustainability is an online publishing and blogging website that educates individuals, businesses, and communities on how to be sustainable and sells books, audiobooks, eBooks, video courses, checklists, worksheets, and other informational products.

We hope to help businesses, individuals, and communities become more sustainable, help affiliates and like-minded authors sell their products, encourage visitors to purchase and download tips and checklists, send visitors to print-on-demand sites for our book sales, and use our commissions to pay our expenses and contribute profits to the owners’ environmental and social causes.


American Sustainability LLC started as a collaboration between passionate professors and students from across the political spectrum, all with the intent to find solutions that could bring people together, working towards fairness for all people and good stewardship of the resources we use, while still promoting profits for all our customers and collaborators, i.e., the triple bottom line.

Lynn Grinnell
Lynn GrinnellPhD, LEED AP O&M, LtCol, USAF (ret.)
“I truly believe that everything that I have done, every talent I have been given, and every interaction I have had has been leading me to this place. I feel like many different streams are converging to one strong current.”
Rich Grinnell
Rich GrinnellM.Arch & Community Design, LtCol, USAF (ret.)
“As Chief of Production for American Sustainability, I support all parts of the publishing process by providing artistic expertise, voice narration, and project planning to every aspect of the business.”
Bradyn Freeman
Bradyn FreemanBAS, Sustainability Management
“I think the arts communities, in conjunction with non-profits, advocacy groups, scientists and other eco-conscious influencers play a large role in bringing awareness to people now.”
Russ Robertson
Russ RobertsonBAS, Sustainability Management
“If I can just reach one, or teach one, or understand one person, maybe, just maybe I will become that pebble in a pond and create a wave of hope to others.”

Join Us as Collaborators

We welcome all sustainability management professionals with the values we are trying to foster.

Meet our Author Partners

American Sustainability has an organic structure, allowing it to respond fluidly and grow in many directions. We invite sustainability professionals to contribute blog posts and material for publication, and so this list of collaborators will reflect the dynamic quality of the enterprise.

If you would like to be a contributor, we ask only that you follow the intent of the founders to bring positive, practical, win-win solutions to businesses, individuals, and communities.

Cara McCown
Cara McCownSustainability Professional
I am originally from the Northeast but moved to St. Petersburg at ten years old and have lived here for 26 years. I have a wonderful husband and three cats, and we love the outdoors.
Carolyn Hooker
Carolyn HookerAmerican Sustainability Intern
About Me
Gender: Female
Industry: Non-profit
Location: St. Petersburg, FL
Interests: Church, reading, movies, natural water scenes
Trevor Sanders
Trevor SandersAmerican Sustainability Intern
I am currently an intern for American-Sustainability and am learning everything I can about sustainability. Practicing more sustainable habits is something that I have been wanting to do for a long time and getting involved with American-Sustainability has provided the perfect opportunity to learn new behaviors that can help our environment. 
Rachel Pomeroy
Rachel PomeroyAmerican Sustainability Intern
Rachel Pomeroy Wallick will be graduating with her BA in Education Studies and Community Leadership in May 2023. In her free time, she loves the outdoors and spending time with family. It is important for her to leave the world a better place for her children and show them how to continue to work to a better for future for everyone around them.
Steven Warren
Steven WarrenAmerican Sustainability Intern
I am in my last semester for my Educational Studies and Community Leadership degree. I am originally from Texas and love to volunteer with non-profits. My goal is to create and run a non-profit that assists underserved people in my local community.
Jessica Johnson
Jessica JohnsonAmerican Sustainability Intern
Currently, I am in my last semester of the educational studies and community leadership program, and hope to create fun educational content on sustainability, as well as spreading awareness about various small things we can do to move towards a greater future.
Luetheal Byrd
Luetheal ByrdAmerican Sustainability Intern
I am Luetheal Byrd-Hinds, and I love the exchange of Information. I am a mom and an educator for at-risk youth in Florida. My current focus is to empower, create, and exchange information in order to support sustainable living.
Eden Rivera
Eden RiveraAmerican Sustainability Intern
My name is Eden Riviera and I am in my last semester at Saint Petersburg college. I am graduating with my bachelors in educational studies. I am currently a private nanny and love working with children. I was a preschool teacher for three years and it helped me learn what I want to do long term. My goal is to graduate and work at All Children’s Hospital as a Child Life Specialist and work hands on with kids.
Edeza Rodriguez
Edeza RodriguezAmerican Sustainability Intern
My name is Edeza, and I served four years in the United States Marine Corps. I decided to get out to finish school and pursue my Bachelor’s degree in Educational Studies and Community Leadership. This is my last semester, and I will obtain my degree by mid-summer. In my spare time, I love lifting weights, walking or running trails, and spending time with my family, boyfriend, and Labradoodle Chewie.
Brianna Martone
Brianna MartoneAmerican Sustainability Intern
Hello, glad that we are now friends and got that out of the way! My name is Brianna Martone, but you can call me Bri. I am 40 years old, a Florida native, a wife, mother of three, and a lover of the stars, the ocean, cooking, art, and education in all forms. Sustainability is not something that I was extremely familiar with until I began an internship with American Sustainability to complete a BS in Educational Studies.
Grace Martone
Grace MartoneAmerican Sustainability Intern
Hello! My name is Grace Martone. I am a 31-year-old Floridian, wife, mother, and educator. My wife and I have three amazing adult children and are new to the world of being empty nesters. I am currently a high school substitute teacher in the last semester of my BS in Educational Studies.
Stephanie Rivera
Stephanie RiveraAmerican Sustainability Intern
My name is Stephanie Rivera, and I am majoring in Educational Studies and Community Leadership with an expected graduation date of fall 2023. I plan to get a master’s degree and become an adolescent counselor. I hope to impact the lives of local youth by modeling good character and ensuring they are on the right path toward a positive future.
Danalyn Ramos
Danalyn RamosAmerican Sustainability Intern
I’m an Educational Studies Major currently in my last semester at St. Petersburg College with plans of working within school administration. I have always been climate driven; I make sure to recycle, use as little waste as possible, and practice climate friendly alternatives. Sustainability in America is such an important topic in our current society, and I’m overjoyed to be completing my internship with such a climate motivated organization, driven to bringing attention to sustainability in America.
Jillian Dunayer
Jillian DunayerAmerican Sustainability Intern
My name is Jillian Dunayer and I was born and raised in Tampa, Florida. I am in my last semester at St. Petersburg College, graduating with a B.S in Educational Studies and Community Leadership. I have been working with the Pasco County School District since 2020 as an Instructional Assistant and have a strong passion for making a positive impact on the lives of others.