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The purpose of the Business Hub is to provide a place for sharing practical solutions for businesses and non-profits that balance people, planet, and profit. We want to explore sustainable solutions in strategic planning, business tools and techniques, innovations, and common ground. Let’s explore the best practices and paradigm shifts that will convince all reasonable people to make sustainable decisions.

We invite bloggers who share this approach to blog with us. If you are interested, please go to our publishing page and let us know who you are.

Sustainable Mindsets for When Your Cup Feels Half Empty Fin

Introduction This week’s question I was left pondering what one can do during times that are especially frustrating or overwhelming in their lifetime and how the strategies or skills that they employ can soothe or reduce the external circum [...]

April 30th, 2023|Common Ground, Featured, Life Balance|

Writing Tips for Sustainable Projects

By Lynn Grinnell Sustainable Improvement Proposals or Plans are usually very thorough projects that involve a baseline sustainability audit of an organization, research on best practices, recommendations for improvement, and detailed implem [...]

DIY Backyard Wildlife Corridors: Taking personal responsibility to save the world – or at least do your part!  

A book review on Nature’s Best Hope, by Douglas Tallamy By Lynn Grinnell I've been listening to an audiobook that I just had to share with all of you because I really love its ideas!  The book is Nature's Best Hope: A New Approach to Conser [...]

Living a Beautiful (Balanced) Life – Dogs show Us the Way

By Lynn Grinnell Aren't dogs great!  Did you know they can help you live a more sustainable and balanced life?  Here's the scoop... Let me start with one of my favorite YouTube channels, Zazu Talks - a YouTube channel about two dogs, Zazu a [...]

January 7th, 2023|Common Ground, Eco-friendly Living, Featured, Life Balance|




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