About Russ Robertson

Describing me with just my name and my academic credentials feels weak, to say the least. I am so much more. I am a Man after God’s heart, Husband, Father, Friend, Teacher, Scholar, Chef, Hard worker at Transamerica Inc., Gardner, Artist, Carpenter, and Woodworker (among many other skills I have acquired through the years). My Educational Background. It started slow but steady. I dropped out of High School in the beginning of ninth grade at the age of 15. I finished my GED at 22, just after by first daughter was born. I graduated from MPTC in West Bend, WI. At the age of 40, I received an AS in Accounting. Most recently, I graduated from SPC in St Petersburg, FL at the age of 60 with a BAS in Sustainability Management. Filling in The Gaps. I worked in the hospitality field for about 30 years (Waiter, Chef, and General Manager – you should taste my …). As an accountant I have worked for some great companies, such as PricewaterhouseCoopers and Eckard. What’s Left to Know … Just me. I have a passion to know everything, I have what I feel is a God-given talent to to understand how something works, to be able to take something apart in my mind before I take it apart to fix it. Unfortunately, in the world today, nobody needs a fix-it man (and that’s ok.) Because of some of my choices in life, I have not always had the economic ability to purchase the better things in life, but that has never stopped me from having them. Simply put, if I can’t buy it or it costs way too much, I ask myself how can I make it. remake it, or repurpose it. Everyone in this world is so much more that what we see or what they can express in a few words. At 61, I still feel I can make a difference. I want to help people; I have a deep faith that has shown me that the best way out of any hard situation is to give – give of yourself to others – to show, lead, teach, understand, love, emphasize, and give of myself to others. I love this world we live in and decided a long time ago that I am not all that important to the world today. But… one man can make a difference. If I can just reach one, or teach one, or understand one person, maybe, just maybe I will become that pebble in a pond and create a wave of hope to others.


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