by: Trevor Sanders

Climate Positive Designs (CPD) is a research initiative that was started back in 2019. This idea is one that is focused on removing as much Green House Gas from our environment as possible. The goal is the remove more Greenhouse Gas than we are putting into the environment through urban and general development. This initiative is one that can truly have a lasting positive impact on the environment as a whole. Climate Positive Designs understands that there are necessary pollutants that must happen in order to continue to develop cities and other architectural landscapes. CPD has completed research that concluded that urban architecture can actually become environmentally positive if built and designed in environmentally conscious ways.purple tree light Singapore landmark

Greenhouse Gasses are emitted into our environment during the building process, through transportation of materials, and the creation of the materials used for city buildings. Accepting these facts was the best place to start for the CPD team. After the acceptance of these negative environmental impacts, they were able to develop plans that will make urban buildings long term impact on the environment a positive one. Carbon sequestration is the mode of which Greenhouse gases are removed from the environment.

Carbon sequestration is when harmful gasses from the environment are removed by plants (trees, bushes, grasses, etc.) and stored in places where they are not damaging to the environment (soils, trunks of trees, etc.). Urban architects that are affiliated with Climate Positive Designs are being asked to design buildings in such a way that there are plenty of plants within the landscape of the building that is being built, whether it be on the roof, around the buildings, or on windowsills. These environmentally friendly designs allow for the buildings to eventually reverse the harmful impacts of actually building the structure.

body of water near trees

Climate Positive Designs as reached half of the countries that are on earth as of late 2021. This is an incredible thing! If architects and builders all come together and adapt this new way of development, there can be sustainable building taking place all over the world! With buildings and developing areas being able to self-clean the environment, just by existing, we will all have a clean and safe place to live for hundreds and hundreds of years!


If you would like to learn more about Climate Positive Designs, please visit their website here.