By Lynn Grinnell

Aren’t dogs great!  Did you know they can help you live a more sustainable and balanced life?  Here’s the scoop…

Let me start with one of my favorite YouTube channels, Zazu Talks – a YouTube channel about two dogs, Zazu and Wally, a yellow Lab and a German Shorthair Pointer, and their “mom” and “dad.” They’ve now added a new baby to the mix, which has been wonderful to watch.  Throughout the years, we have seen the dogs and “parents” living a gracious life, with lots of exercise and outdoor hikes in California and the Pacific Northwest.  In video below, Zazu and Walle’s “mom” shares how her practice as a dog mom made it easier for her to be a mom when her baby boy arrived!

Why is this the perfect example of sustainable life balance?  Their latest video explains – and watching could change your life!

How can dogs help you live a balanced life?  There are many ways that dogs can contribute to a simple and present-focused lifestyle. For one, dogs can be a source of unconditional love and companionship, which can help to reduce stress and increase feelings of happiness and well-being. They can also provide a sense of purpose and routine, which can be beneficial for those who live a simple, minimalist lifestyle. Additionally, caring for a dog can help to keep an individual grounded in the present moment, as dogs live fully in the present and can help their human companions to do the same. Finally, dogs can also be a great source of exercise and outdoor activity, which can promote both physical and mental well-being.

Yes, dogs a great source of joy for life balance, but you can do more.  My hubby and I spend a high-quality hour every morning with morning devotionals – a practice I highly recommend.  Not only does it draw us closer to God, but it also draws us closer to each other.  This includes an opening prayer, a quick bible study (currently Fr Mike Schmitz’s podcast, The Bible in a Year – another winner), a review of news sites (which can take us down :(), and finally, something that brings us up – see the next paragraph.

Not a Christian?  Neither are my favorite dog family – they are Nepalese and, besides wonderful dog videos, post lovely videos of their family religious ceremonies, which sometimes include their dogs!  Here is one on Kukur Tihar, the dog festival celebrated by Hindus in Nepal for many years.  Enjoy the peaceful voice of Zazu and Walle’s “mom”

Puppy videos – adding to the quality of your morning and helping your blood pressure.  Watching puppy videos is a fantastic conclusion to our morning devotionals every day.  A UK study found that watching images and videos of cute little animals has a positive impact on blood pressure, pulse, and anxiety.  What a great way to start the day “in the zone” – balanced and cheerful!

Enjoy your own puppy!  Your own videos and photos will bring you joy, but sharing can brighten others’ day, too.  Sharing brings your friends the same health and life balance benefits from your loving pets as you are experiencing. I promise your life will be enriched!

Now, it’s your turn…search for puppy videos on YouTube to help bring your life into balance!  Live your best, most sustainable, balanced life.

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