Green Swans: The Coming Boom in Regenerative Capitalism – eBook


John Elkington is well known for creating the concept of the Triple Bottom Line – People, Planet, Profit, which is a core principle for American Sustainability! His newest book explores his update on the triple bottom line and a twist on the concept of black swans (dramatically unexpected events) to envision green swans – dramatic shifts in innovation leading to a more positive future.

This price is for the Kindle edition.  This book is also available in hardback for $24.95 and Audible for $18.37 or one credit.


by John Elkington

From Amazon: Green Swans is a manifesto for system change designed to serve people, planet, and prosperity. In his twentieth book, John Elkington—dubbed the “Godfather of Sustainability”—explores new forms of capitalism fit for the twenty-first century.
If Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s “Black Swans” are problems that can take us exponentially toward breakdown, then “Green Swans” are solutions that take us exponentially toward breakthrough. The success—and survival—of humanity now depends on how we rein in the first and accelerate the second.


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