Sustainability for the Rest of Us – eBook


“If you’ve any interest in saving our planet…pick up a copy of this book.” (Warning: explicit language)

This is the price for the Kindle edition. (Most sustainable!) Also available in paperback for $17.99.  Not yet available in audiobook form, but we’ll keep looking!


by John Pabon

(Warning: explicit language).  Sub-title: Your No-Bullsh*t, Five-Point Plan for Saving the Planet

This is a very irreverent, but interesting and practical book.

From Amazon: In “Sustainability for the Rest of Us,” John Pabon looks back on his nearly two decades in the business of saving our Earth to reveal why much of what we’ve been doing isn’t having a big impact at all. This hilarious, no-holds-barred, unorthodox book will reveal to readers – regardless of their experience – what we really need to change, why we need to change, and how to make it happen.


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