Cold brew is hands down one of my favorite types of coffee, due to it’s convenience of being a grab and pour and be an on the go drink. However, I have been noticed that buying the containers of premade coffee can be a bit pricy, and while I am lucky to have recycling on site, I know that it not always the case for some residences or apartment complexes. To combat said issue regarding recycling availability, my best friend has taken to making her cold brew at home. She has been gracious enough to share with me and you lovely readers her tips for making an awesome at cold brew at home!
What You Will Need:

• A cold brew container (My friend has the County Line Kitchen- Cold Brew Mason Jar iced coffee maker) which includes:
o A Steel Filter
o A Lid
o And Jar or container aspect
• Cold water and a container to pour it
• Refrigerator or a counter

  • A glass for pouring and enjoying your coffee



Step 1: Place your steel filter inside of your Mason Jar


Step 2: Fill the filter with coffee grounds most of the way up leaving around 1-2 teaspoons worth of space at the top so that the coffee ground’s don’t spill out when you add your water.





Step 3: Fill a separate container with cold water




Step 4: Pour said water slowly into the mason jar over the coffee grounds.




Step 5: Place the lid on your container and move it to either the counter or the fridge. It should be noted that if you choose to brew it on the counter you should move it into your fridge after around sixteen hours.


Step 6: Once it has brewed make sure to sip and enjoy






This tutorial taught me how cold brew is less intimidating to make than I had thought, and  I hope that it has inspired you to to try it out as well! If any of you prefer to drink your coffee hot, one small sustainable tip that I have given as a gift to some of my Keurig loving friends would be there refillable and reusable kcups. Please stay tuned for more lifestyle hacks! Let’s make this world a greater and greener place!