By Luetheal Byrd

How can sustainability in various areas empower and advance communities that have been socially and economically disparate? Glad you asked! Let’s talk about changes that are long-term and are win- win in a rapidly advancing world. We must look at the data on mortality rate of different ethnic groups, how they live in their environment. We all want growth, empowerment, and to be prosperous. This can only happen if we are present to experience it and that’s where sustainability comes into play and we’re making it the hottest commodity in this highly technological world.

Students learn from their teacher valuable lessons in sustainable living.

Our ESE Teacher At a DJJ Facility in Hillsborough County teaches incarcerated youth sustainability techniques. He is sowing seeds in more than one way.

Travel for a life exchange!


In the black experience we have practiced sustainable living well before it became a big thing.  I remember using grocery bags and passing down clothes all my life.  Take a look at this link to how it is not new at all.

Sustainability on Steroids

Traveling for fun is one experience but can you imagine traveling to live and to help others learn green living concepts.  How about the exchange of information between two different cultures from different geographical locations.  Learning how to make living art, learning how green eating can produce long life. How can we heal ourselves through green living? If your ready to experience this on a higher level, then let’s travel and be a part of social and economic empowerment.  Jamaica, one of the world’s most traveled destinations is available to explore and learn while enjoying a greener experience.  This would entail lodging in a eco-friendly resort away from the city and in a farming village on the northeast corner of Jamaica.  We live, eat, breath, and work green all day. We are unplugged from what we are accustomed to.  We live with the local farmers and villagers and we help fortify homes and land to further support a green life.  You in return will provide literacy skills, technology skills, and social support.  This is not for the faint at heart or those who can’t be off the grid at times.