The Great Exchange

Can you imagine how what you know and the skills you have can change lives on a global level? Previously we introduced travel for social and economic empowerment, and next we want to explore more what that looks like. Robins Bay, Jamaica WI. Is a tropical, lush, rich area on the northeast coast of Jamaica.  It is a small fishing and farming village where mostly everything is green.  Our friends and community there make soap, art, musical instruments, raise livestock of goats, cows, chickens, and a few others.  A day begins most times when the sun comes up.  Many of our friends have a longevity that is far above what we see in most modern developed countries.  Today we will feature a local musician and farmer whose age is above 80.  He goes by the name Bro. Price.

The land with the infamous tool, the machete!  He rises every morning to prune and plant and care for the land. He has to keep the goats out or else they would destroy the life-giving plants.

Bro. Price is also a musician who plays the electric bass guitar for his local church. He eats well and walks everywhere except when he takes local taxi  to go to town.

As you can see he is much more agile and physically strong than many of our 80+ year old family and friends in the United States.  He has a desire to learn more, and his vocation was a builder/mason contractor before he retired after a accident.  Literacy and learning were secondary when he was a child, everything he mostly learned by hands on experience. Bro. Price produces daily provisions from his land and here are a few more. (banana, pepper, pumpkin)